20/20 Panel – Online & In-Person Focus Groups

The 20/20 Panel offers in-person focus groups and online research studies. To be quite honest, the high amount of compensation is probably surprising, and almost too good to be true at first, but I assure you, you’ll want to learn about this company and get involved in their studies.
It is one of the more unique consumer survey panels that I have seen. Directly from the front page of the 20/20 Panel website, “you could be paid $50, $100, or $150 just for sharing your opinion!” And trust me, these are amounts that I have seen personally offered during my time with the panel.

When 20/20 a client hiring for an upcoming study, they will email a link to a pre-screener that you’ll complete in about 5 minutes to see if you’d be a good fit for the study. After you complete the study, you’ll be immediately told that you may or may not be a good fit. A representative from 20/20 will call within the next day or so to confirm your details and discuss complete study details with you.

My Experience

This past year, I have already qualified for and participated in 3 studies, so you can imagine how excited I am about sharing this opportunity with you. One study was for $75, one was for $125, and the most recent was for $150!! Each study was very easy to complete and all three of them were completely online. While I can’t reveal the exact topics of the studies that I participated in due to confidentiality, I can say that two of the studies were online message boards and one was a web interview with a study administrator. In the online message boards, I would login for about an hour a day for two or three days and provide my insight by answering some questions posted by a study moderator. It’s that simple.

Based on everything I know about 20/20 and my excellent experience with this company, I would personally recommend that you check out the panel and create a profile on their website. There is no obligation to participate and if you join, there is an excellent potential to earn a good amount of extra cash simply by sharing your opinion on a variety of topics – many that are sure to interest you. I have personally been in five of 20/20’s studies. However, I do have one particular experience that I’d like to share. Recently, I participated in a telephone interview. After the interview, I thought that everything went well as usual. On this particular occasion, I was not recorded as completing the study at my interview time. I had to place a few calls and send a few emails, but I did eventually receive the incentive in the form of a check instead of a gift card. I actually prefer the check anyway, so I am glad with how this situation was handled. While this is the only time that it happened, make sure you keep good records and names of the people that you speak with if someone like this happens to you.

Quick Note: With the amount of telemarketers calling, you may. I just wanted to let you know that 20/20 has always called me from a Tennessee or Denver number with an area code of 615 or 303. If you see an unrecognized number calling you from one of these places, answer it – it may be 20/20 calling to see if you can participate in an upcoming study.

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