Campus Special – Save Around Campus


What is Campus Special?

Campus Special helps you save money by offering you exclusive deals and discounts around many college campuses. They also allow you to order food from many restaurants online.

How do I access it?

You can access Campus Special directly through their website or mobile app. Alternatively, during the welcome week of each new semester, Campus Special often has reps at many different campuses that hand out physical coupon booklets if you’d prefer this option.


  • Featured deals everyday
  • Directions to your favorite places
  • Tracks your visits so that you earn loyalty points at frequently visited spots
  • Order food
  • Find an apartment and deals on stuff to fill your apartment

My roommates and I have been using Campus Special since welcome week of our freshman year. We have each saved tons of money and so can you.

Campus Special Internships

If you are looking for a great opportunity to work with a great company, Campus Special also offers internships for both the Spring and Summer semesters.

What will I do as an intern?

Spring Program

Directly from the website:

As the Brand Ambassador for CS, you’re going to be the voice on campus that wakes broke students up to saving money and being fiscally responsible! You’ll be organizing various on-campus events and spreading the word all over your college town through product demonstrations, social media interaction and promotional giveaways with local vendors. Gain hands-on experience in guerrilla marketing, social media, generating brand awareness and consumer behavior while using advanced communication skills.”

Summer Program

Directly from the website:

As an intern for Campus Special you will work with local business owners and educate them on how to market their business to college students through our print, mobile, online, and digital products. No one knows the college audience better than college students. We kick off the summer with a 4-day training conference in Chicago where you’ll network with hundreds of other interns from around the country and learn about business, marketing, and advertising. Over the summer you will develop skills in business, sales, marketing, advertising, communications, and consulting. Successful interns receive references and recommendation letters and are referred into our Career Partners featuring over 65 companies (Fortune 500 – midsize) who hire directly from our program. They love our interns.



Summer Internship FAQ

You can read testimonials from past interns here. You can learn more about each internship by clicking on the appropriate heading above or here to apply right now.