Daily Bracket – Pick Sports for CASH Prizes

Daily Bracket has gone down indefinitely. This is a legacy post. 

Sports Fan CheeringWhat is Daily Bracket?

Daily Bracket is an app for both Android and iOS that allows you to make pick between sports matchups and select players you think will perform the best each day. The app is completely free to download and you never deposit a single penny of your own money. With Daily Bracket, you can win a share of the daily cash prize and streak towards the grand prize of 1 million dollars!


Daily Bracket Sport Pick'em
Daily Bracket Sport Pick’em


How does it work?

Each day, 5 different match-ups are chosen and you simply chose who you think will be the winner. The most popular sports that I’ve seen on the app are basketball, football and hockey, but I’ve also seen baseball and “prop” or special match-ups such as the NBA All-Star Weekend, boxing, MMA and Olympic events. If you pick at least 3 of 5 correctly, your streak will advance one day. If you chose all 5 correctly, your streak will advance two days. This is without any Power Ups, which I will discuss in the next section. Here is the list of the current cash prizes:

  • 7 days – $1
  • 20 days – $25
  • 30 days – $500
  • 40 days – $10,000
  • 50 days – $100,000
  • 60 days – $1,000,000 (yes, 1 MILLION dollars)

Once you accumulate at least $20 and decide to cash out, Daily Bracket pays via PayPal so you can trust that your prize will get to you safely.

Daily Cash Prize

If you go 5/5, you split the amount in the “Today’s Prize” section pictured above. The amount of the prize varies each day, but I have seen the cash prize as low as $150 and as high as $240. One day last month, there were only 6 people went 5/5 and they split a total daily prize of $150 so they each earned $25 simply from making great picks.

Power Ups

With Power Ups, you can advance your streak much faster if you are willing to take some risk. What’s sports without some risk and excitement?! In addition to those listed in the screenshot below, there are power ups which let you see who the top 10% of players are picking, preview tomorrow’s games, and see who the top picker has chosen.

Daily Bracket Power Ups
Daily Bracket Power Ups
Daily Bracket Daily Lineup
Daily Bracket Daily Lineup

Daily Lineups

In addition to picking match-ups, you can also create daily lineups where you choose the five players that you think will perform the best that evening from a pool of 25 players in different sports. This is also where you can place bets with the money that you earn if you do not want to cash out just yet. You can place your lineup into a variety of matchups, ranging from head-to-head to those in which the top ten lineups win prizes. This is much like you would see in any fantasy league. You can win bracket bucks, cash and streak days. Bracket Bucks is the in-game currency that can be used to claim some great prizes like gift cards, discount codes and apparel such as retro jerseys from the in-game store. Note that anyone in any state can play for more streak days and bracket bucks, but you can only bet money that you’ve won (if you are in a group with a money prize pool) as long as you do not live in an ineligible state due to laws and restrictions.

Daily Bracket Boxscore Jackpot
Daily Bracket Boxscore Jackpot

Boxscore Jackpot and Daily Mission

With Boxscore Jackpot, you can guess the final score of one of the matches for the opportunity to win more bonus streak days which usually ranges anywhere from 1-5 days. You can win more power ups and bracket bucks by completing the Daily Mission. In order to complete the Daily Mission, all you have to do is make your five picks, create a daily lineup and fill out the boxscore jackpot. That’s it!

My Experience

This is just a fun little app that you can use to make watching sports a lot more interesting. I began using this app two years ago and did not play much last year, but I have begun playing again and I can admit that some of the prize wheel payouts have decreased in value. In January of 2016, I actually won $125 for having a 20 day streak! Days 17-19 were pretty stressful to say the least, but it was exciting at the same time and paid off as I used that money to purchase some concert tickets. I think that this app is a great way to engage in sports while having the opportunity to win some big money and other prizes especially if you typically play fantasy sports with your friends. You can create groups and see who performed the best over the week for bragging rights. If you’re the first of your friends to get the app, tell them about it and make sure they use your referral code because you’ll both benefit. There are some great referral perks and bonuses available for you and them when they sign up. Overall, I think Daily Bracket it’s a great way to take fantasy sports to a new level.

I’m ready to download the app!

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Please click here to head to the Daily Bracket website where you’ll find links to download the appropriate version for your phone. If you’d like to get a bonus of 100 Bracket Bucks immediately, simply enter my referral code 39WA when you create your account. Good luck on your journey to the MILLION! I’m looking for to hearing your success stories. 😉