Datatelligence Online – Get Gift Cards for Taking Surveys

What is Datatelligence?

Datatelligence Online is a company that is a part of CRG Global. They currently offer paid surveys and home product tests for cash and gift card incentives. Occasionally, they will also offer in-house surveys and studies at various locations (usually malls or other popular locations) around the U.S.

Who is eligible and how do I join?

From what I can tell, there is no set age cut-off for registration or participation, but if you are under 13 years of age, you will have to get permission from a parent or guardian to complete your registration. You can read more about the privacy policy by clicking here or you can head right to registration by clicking here.

What is a home use product test and how are the surveys?

A home product test is sometimes offered for certain studies that may be being conducted at certain times throughout the year. Datatelligence Online/CRG Global will ship a product to your home (free of charge) and allow you to use the product(s) for a certain period of time, usually a couple or a few weeks. You usually get to keep the products after the survey is completed and you will most likely take one or two surveys or a couple of incremental surveys depending on what type of test it is during the study. You receive your reward(s) at the end of the testing period.

In addition to home use tests, the other surveys that are offered are all very simple, straightforward and based on a wide range of topics. Survey invitations are sent to you based on the information that you enter into your online profile on the website and the incentive(s) that you can receive are based on the estimated time it will take you to complete the survey and the type of survey that you will be completing.

Guy taking survey

What kinds of rewards can I receive?

Currently, they offer Amazon gift codes for every 1000 points you acquire. You can also receive entries for iPads.


    Gift Code Incentives are active electronic gift cards (not physical gift cards) redeemable at a specific online vendor for up to the value stated in the e-mail survey invitation.


    Drawing Entries are chances to win a specific item chosen in the sole discretion of CRG Global, Inc. during the monthly sweepstakes drawing. No purchase necessary to enter or win. See details at below link.


In the last few months, I have received numerous gift codes.

My Experience

My experience with Datatelligence has been nothing but positive. In fact, I just participated in three home studies where I got paid to test toothpaste and toothbrushes and got to keep the toothpaste which I believe will last me the rest of the semester! As I also stated earlier, in the past I have participated in in-house studies where I would go into one of their offices, complete the study and receive my check incentive right then and there. If more opportunities like those become more readily available in the future, I will be sure to make a post discussing them.

7-31-17 UPDATE: Previously, you would have to wait up to a few weeks for points for completed surveys to be added to your account. Points are now immediately added to your account after successfully completing a survey!

The Verdict & Earning Potential

I believe that there is great earning potential Datatelligence Online. It is perfect for college students because you can receive hygiene and other products from popular brands and names (that are a must anyway) for free AND get rewarded for using these products! If you are still on the fence, I would recommend taking the time to explore their website and make a decision from there. Its free of course, and they won’t spam your inbox with numerous survey invitations. Click here to join today.

Don’t forget to post any questions, comments or concerns below.