e-Rewards Opinion Panel – Earn Rewards for your opinion

What is e-Rewards?

e-Rewards is an opinion panel that offers online surveys where you can share your opinion for rewards. For every survey that you complete, whether you fully qualify or do not, you are paid in some amount of e-Rewards currency which is then redeemed for great rewards – honestly.

What kinds of surveys are available and how easy are they?

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Most of us love sharing our opinions about things such as the latest technology, games, products, etc. and I think it is very easy to do that through surveys and other online mediums.

When you first join the panel, you will be able to fill out your profile with all of your interests  (for which you can also receive rewards currency) so that you will be matched with surveys that fit your interests. As a result, the types of surveys range and can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes, but there are occasions where some are shorter and some are longer. Of course the reward amounts are reflected based on the length of the survey. e-Rewards panel offers the highest ratio of incentive to survey length that I have seen. You can also specify how many email or desktop notifications you would like to receive for any available surveys for which you may qualify.

Mobile-Only Opportunities

With e-Rewards Mobile (an app for iOS and Android), you can participate in opportunities that are only available on mobile devices such as uploading photos and videos, recording audio and scanning barcodes at stores. It is simple and makes it that much easier to maximize your earning potential on-the-go.

What kinds of rewards are available?

There are a variety of rewards available. For college students, the most popular rewards are most likely to be gift cards from Express, Macy’s, American Eagle, GameStop, Starbucks and iTunes.

If none of these fit your style, the categories of all rewards are magazine subscriptions, retail and discount coupons, hotel points, frequent flyer miles, and gift cards from popular retailers. You could even choose to donate your earnings by providing a micro-loan to someone in need through a special partnership with Kiva.

You can redeem rewards in increments ranging from $10 to $145. This is useful if you want to split what you have earned across different companies or stores. Explore the available rewards here.

How do I join/receive an invite?

Limited Time Opportunity for April 2018: For a limited time, you can register for e-Rewards through Fanatics!

Anyone who is a legal resident of the U.S. and 13 or older is eligible to participate. Membership with e-Rewards is by invitation only, and invitation links are sent periodically throughout the year through their sponsoring partners. I got my invitation from GameStop through their newsletter and I actually got an email invitation from CollegeWeekLive just a few days ago.

For the best chance at being invited to the panel, I would sign up for CollegeWeekLive here (since it’s a great resource for college students anyway) or the GameStop newsletter here and wait until the next set of invitations are sent out. You can also visit the e-Rewards Reward Center because the listed Reward companies offer their own opportunities to join the panel such as jetBlue and Southwest. I will continue to research the other sponsoring companies to see if they have different timelines of sending invitations.

My Experience & Earning Potential

My experience with e-Rewards has been great, and it really is worth it to be a member of this panel if and when you secure your invitation. I have been a member for a few years now and have personally redeemed enough rewards currency for a few hundred dollars in gift cards from Macy’s, GameStop and American Eagle and have also provided a micro-loan to someone in need. As an added note, I discovered that E-Rewards, Inc. has an A+ BBB Business Rating, a strong TRUSTe rating from other users and I have never had any problems with receiving any of my rewards quickly.

There is great earning potential with this panel. I can honestly say that you can earn the lowest-level of rewards, either a full magazine subscription or a discount coupon after your first one or two surveys. On average, most surveys range from 20-35 minutes in length, so two surveys could take only about an hour of your time. Imagine how much you could earn taking an surveys for an hour or two a day for a week.

This is one of the most legitimate and worthwhile surveys panels out there, which is most likely the reason that it is by invitation only. If are on-the-fence about whether to join when you receive your invitation, JOIN! It is free of course, and there is no obligation to do anything. You might change your mind in the future, and E-Rewards is definitely something that you want to have in your back pocket.

While you wait for your invitation from GameStop or another sponsoring partner (see above), check out the e-Rewards website and read a little more about the program.