Earn $12-15 an hour posting on Social Media for $99 Social

Do you have a passion for social media?

Do you enjoy sharing exciting and new content online?

Does getting paid to post on Facebook and Twitter sound like a job you’d like to have? Then  being a Content Specialist is the gig for you!

Why would I get paid to post to social media?

Do you remember when Wendy’s Twitter was considered “the most savage” last year? More and more companies are starting to see the power of using social media to connect with customers because social media is all around each and every one of us. Many companies may hire someone internally to manage their social media presence, however many companies are also looking to outsource management as they may not have much experience or time to deal with increasing demands of social media marketing. This where the earning potential comes in for you.

What is a content specialist?

As a Content Specialist for $99 Social, you will be in charge of the social media platforms for multiple businesses. Your job will be to post every week to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram so that clients can better connect and engage with their target audience. Basically, this is your opportunity to get paid be the best ghost writer you know you are!

Details on the Job

This job is considered to be a full-time, work from home position at 40 hours per week. The first requirement is to be social media savvy. As long as you like using social media and recognize how businesses are using social media to engage with you through tweets or ads, you have tons of experience already. Some of the other ideal qualifications are listed below.

  • A passion for sharing interesting and unique, high quality content (related to each of the businesses that you will be managing)
  • You are able to work well independently without supervision, i.e. you are a self-starter and are organized enough to keep up with your work, meet deadlines and follow guidelines without someone continuously checking in on you
  • You are detail-oriented, pay close attention to use of the proper forms of grammar and spelling, and able to make sure you share specific content for each type of business you will be working with (as they will be across a wide range of industries)
  • And the most important… CREATIVITY! You will need to be very creative and make use of your imagination just like you do when coming up with captions for your Instagram posts

Technical qualifications

  • High-functioning computer or laptop (a smartphone is not adequate for this position)
  • Reliable internet connection

How much will I get paid?

This job pays you a flat rate per account, hence the range I put in as the title of this post. The pay changes based on the total number of accounts you manage, so the pay gets better as you take on a heavier workload. Based on the amount of time that you spend working on your assigned accounts, your “average” hourly pay can vary.

How does it work?

$99 Social gives you access to some of the most powerful tools used in the social media industry. This is why you need to have a capable laptop or computer because all of these tools are not accessible from a smartphone. Besides being paid, just having the experience and ability to work with these tools can be very advantageous in your future career. For example, if you are a current college student in a marketing or business field, you can definitely put this on your resume as companies in today’s world love candidates with valuable social media experience.

My Experience

While I am no longer a Content Specialist, I truly did enjoy my time working with $99 Social. While I cannot disclose any specific details of my work, I really thought that this job was very flexible and that it was a great opportunity to learn more about a variety of different industries which actually expanded my knowledge base. I actually did this job for a little over a year during my fourth year of undergrad and it worked well with the workload I already had from my classes. One of the benefits of this job that I’ve heard many times is that it will take you to depths of the internet that you didn’t even know existed. This is very true. When you first start as a Content Specialist, you may get an account for an industry for which you may not know very well. After a bit of research, you will start to gain a greater appreciation for these fields and for how business and social media work together. The staff at the company is very supportive. You can reach out to them at any time with any issues or concerns you may have, and they were always very quick to respond to me whenever I would reach out about an account or with general questions.

I’m ready to take the next step! How do I apply?

Click here to head to job listing on the $99 Social website or click here to head directly to the application. Here’s an important note about the application, directly from their website:

We want to see your personality and skill for creative writing shine through in your message to us (after all, creative writing will be a big part of your role with us). Consider this the first step in the interview process.

After being hired and before being assigned your first accounts, you will be complete 6-7 hours of self-paced unpaid online training and a few conference calls with your team lead. After you successfully complete this training, you will begin to be assigned accounts until you reach capacity. $99 Social works with you to assign accounts as you can handle them, so don’t think you’ll be completely overwhelmed when you begin your work.

Please let me know if have any questions and leave your comments below. Good luck!