Enroll – Website Usability Testing


What is Enroll?

Enroll is a website that enables you take very simple tests for website developers for money.

How does it work?

When tests are available, you will receive an email asking you to participate in that specific test and you can choose whether you want to participate or not (without any penalties). Tests can be as simple as giving your opinion on how you think a website is and/or could be better designed or simulating where you would think to click first on a website to get to a specific area.

Who is eligible?

From what I can see, all that you need is a valid email address to participate. Every test that I have taken until this point has been very easy and actually fun to participate in, so I would recommend you check out Enroll. None of the tests even took me more than 1 minute to complete. The only downside is that there does not appear to be very many tests all the time, but there has been a steady increase in the past few months.

How do I sign up?

You can learn more and sign up right away by clicking here.


Good luck!