Foap – Sell Your Photos For Cash

How does Foap work?

Foap is a free mobile app for iOS and Android that lets you make extra money by selling your photos and videos from your phone. Are you a person who takes plenty of pictures and videos everyday? Get paid while you’re at it!

When you upload your own photos, they get added to the Foap Marketplace. Buyers all around the world can see and purchase your material for commercial use. The more pictures you upload, the greater chance that you have to sell. Diversity is key. The more subjects you upload, the better. You are not limited to upload pictures that fit in specific categories like beaches or landscapes. That picture that you took on campus a few days ago could be exactly what a buyer is looking for to fit their specific needs. The more pictures you upload, the greater chance that you have of selling your content.

The upload process is very simple. For each photo you want to publish, you simply add a description of the photo. Then, add at least 5 relevant tags that describe the photo. Some examples could be waterfront, outdoors, city, architecture, travel, fitness, adult, student, etc. The options are limitless. Lastly, you answer some legal questions about the photo.

How do you earn money?


Every photo sells for $10 and you split the money 50/50 with the Foap platform. The same photo can certainly be purchased multiple times and there is no limit on how many times a photo can be sold. Payment is once a month through PayPal. To have the best opportunity at selling photos, make sure that you add all relevant tags and keywords that describe your photo. See this article on the best practices on how to sell on Foap

What are missions?

Missions allow you the opportunity to earn even more money for your photos and videos. Brands will post a description/photo brief for pictures and videos they want for a specific purpose such as upcoming media campaigns. A brief could request that you create content where their products are being used or displayed in a certain way. After the deadline, the brand will choose the winner of the mission. Most photo missions have a reward of $100-$300 and the majority of video missions have a reward of $500. For example, a video mission could ask you to capture short video clips of summertime experiences from meeting new people, trying new foods or taking in amazing views from the beach. The goal of this mission is to capture moments that make the summertime experience unique and special. See a list of the currently active Foap missions. One Foaper has won three separate missions and shares his tips on how to win a Foap mission.

My Experience

I began using the app just a couple of days ago and it is definitely easy to publish content. Furthermore, I think that it is a promising app to make some extra money, and it is particularly useful for photographers and videographers. So far, I have posted a few pictures from some of my trips around the U.S. and to Spain from the past year. Other users rate your pictures from 1-5 to and I’ve received some good feedback thus far. I contribute to the Foap community by rating the pictures that other people upload as well. This seems like a cool little app and I’d definitely recommend that you explore the Foap website.

Please be sure to post any questions or concerns and share your experience below!