Get Paid to Tailgate for Football!

How does getting paid to tailgate sound?

smoke-1568953_640If you like the idea of getting paid to tailgate, you might want to consider becoming a Gameday Operator!
Tailgate Group is seeking Gameday Operators and new employees to join their team this Fall. If you are a hard worker and enjoying college football or tailgating in general, this is the part-time/weekend job for you.

What teams can I run tailgates for?

Tailgate Group is currently looking for Gameday Operators to run tailgates for Auburn, Georgia, FSU, Alabama, Atlanta Falcons and LSU football games. You’ll work 6-10 weekends per football season on average.

What are the responsibilities?

The responsibilities vary whether you are in Alabama or Louisiana, but you’ll basically be responsible for the following:

  • Prepping tailgate trailers and tailgate equipment
  • Driving work trucks with trailers attached
  • Setting up, tearing down and cleaning up the entire tailgate
  • Greeting customers and assisting with reservations

And of course, watching football!

What skills do I need?

For a position in Alabama, you’ll need to be an experienced driver, a current college student or graduate, organized, enthusiastic, have a good employment history and enjoy sports. Currently you only need a high school education or equivalent and a driver’s license for the positions in Louisiana.

What’s the pay like?

Pay varies between Louisiana and Alabama since the role you’ll play is different in each state. Pay in Louisiana is $15 per hour. Pay in Alabama ranges from $22-30 per hour since the rate depends on the length of the tailgate, distance traveled and labor.

Apply Now

Click on the respective link below and you’ll be taken to the job posting on Indeed where you can submit your resume and cover letter.
Auburn, Georgia, FSU, Alabama, and Atlanta Falcons
LSU Football
Please be sure to leave any questions or comments below. Good luck!