iPoll – Quick Surveys


What is iPoll?

iPoll is a survey panel that pays you to complete surveys both online and on-the-go. iPoll can be accessed via both its website and mobile app. For those of you who were aware of SurveyHead, it became iPoll. You can read more about this here.

Who is eligible and how do I join?

Membership is free of course, and you only need to be at least eighteen years of age to become a member. As of now, there is a $5 sign up bonus, so go ahead and take advantage! You can register here.

What are the surveys like?

There are both surveys and missions, which are more commonly classified as mobile surveys. I’ve participated in many surveys on different topics. Surveys that you may qualify are determined by the optional profiles that you can submit and appear in your account dashboard. The time to complete surveys varies, but many range from a couple of minutes to about a half-an-hour.

Missions/mobile surveys are discussed below.

How is the iPoll mobile app used?

As I explained above, mobile surveys are known as missions. These are largely location-based, which means that many of these become available within the app as you travel around your community (and the world for that matter). I think that the best way to describe missions is as mini mobile mystery shops where you will most likely be asked to complete a task or answer question about a store or other business. Missions are often easy and take only minutes to complete.

Get to the rewards! What’s available?

The biggest thing with iPoll is that your earnings convert directly in dollar amount. For example, if you have earned $10, you will have a full $10 to spend on rewards.

Rewards range from gift certificates and gift cards to popular online and in-store retailers to magazine subscriptions from popular and authoritative publications. You even have the option of cashing out your earnings for money that you can spend however you please. If none of the latter is your style, you can donate to causes that you believe are worthy or are close to your heart.

My Experience

My experience with iPoll has been great. Personally, I prefer using the app and completing missions because they are more convenient for me. I have never had to contact customer service for anything, and I was also a member before SurveyHead became iPoll and I had a great experience there as well.

The Verdict & Earning Potential

I think that iPoll has a pretty good earning potential. This is in consideration of college students who are always on-the-go.  The biggest advantage of iPoll as I have said is that the amount of dollars that you earn converts directly into that dollar amount in gift cards and other rewards, so you really feel that you are working towards a goal or “rewards level” that is reachable.  The Verdict: Worthy of your time and effort.

So, with all of this, check out the frequently asked questions and please be sure to post your questions and thoughts in the discussion thread linked below.