OneClass – Sell Your Notes


I just recently came across a site called OneClass. I was not able to find much information about the website as it looks like they just went through a rebrand, but an article on TechCrunch shows some exciting news for the company. From what I can gather, it looks like there is a great potential to earn money for doing what we do anyway – taking notes in class, helping our friends in their classes and even socializing and spreading the word about things that we may find interesting with those around us.

OneClass offers three positions for college students:

  • Note Taker – This is probably one of the most attractive positions because people are allo. The perks are that it is perfect for students because you can upload your notes weekly (or all of your notes from a past class), and the work schedule looks very flexible with only 2-5 hours per week required. There are also bi-weekly challenges with prizes.
  • Course Expert – In my opinion, this is one of the most exciting positions! You will be making videos to assist others in understanding difficult topics similarly to the role of a tutor or teacher. The most exciting part of this position is that you can be paid based on the number of people who enroll in your “class.” As of this posting, you get paid $150 for each course your complete AND you also get paid every time a student enrolls in one of your tutorials, for each test. The example from the video showed how one student earned over $1000 his first semester of being a course expert for just one course! Sounds crazy right? It’s possible.
  • Marketing Associate – It is basically like being  campus representative for the OneClass brand. It looks like you will be on the frontlines of helping the company to grow its brand through it campaigns. I also saw that there a leadership training program to train and assist associates which seems like a great learning opportunity and comes with some pretty useful perks.

To learn more about (and possibly apply for) any of the three positions, click here. If you sign up, please leave your comments in the thread linked below. I am very curious to know how everything works and would like to make sure this post contains the best possible information.