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Quick Money Tips and Tricks for Students

If you’re looking for quick ways to maximize your money, then this page is for you. This page comprises quick money tips and other tricks that you’ll find useful based on my own experience.

1. Get any smoothie at Tropical Smoothie for $1.99

Every time you make a purchase at Tropical Smoothie, you’ll get a receipt with a unique code to fill out a survey. However, most people do not realize that completing the survey on the receipt entitles them to receive a smoothie at your next visit for $1.99 (with the purchase of any wrap or sandwich). I have completed the survey several times while I’ve been in the drive thru in about 3 minutes. All you have to do is grab your receipt and head to TSCListens from your laptop or mobile device. Many of the smoothies can cost up to $7 with add-ins and supplements, so this is well worth the time. 

2. Split movie ticket costs with your friends on Fandango

If you and your friends have ever had the issue of deciding who’s going to use their card to reserve the movie tickets, look no further than Fandango. The website has an option to split the ticket costs with others using PayPal. Additionally, if you join Fandango VIP, you’ll earn $5 for every 4 movie tickets that you purchase. Learn more about the Fandango VIP program.

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Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks

4. Your GMail address can be used as two addresses

Many people are not aware of this but each GMail address can be used as two separate addresses. For example, and are considered two separate email addresses even though they go to the same GMail Inbox. This could come in handy if for some reason you need two separate email addresses without actually having two separate email accounts.

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