QuickThoughts App – Mobile Surveys

qt-logo QuickThoughts is a new mobile survey app that is available for iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and Android. They offer fun and easy surveys and missions that can be completed very quickly.

quickthoughts_screenHow long are the surveys?

The surveys range in length from about 1 to 20 minutes and there is a survey available to complete almost every time you want to complete one, so availability is extremely high. You simply tap the orange button, answer a couple of questions and a survey appropriate for you will be offered along with the incentive amount and estimated time to complete it.

What types of surveys are available?

QuickThoughts offers mobile surveys, and various shopping assignments such as taking pictures or polls while you’re within a store, or feedback on your shopping experience.

In the screenshot to the left, you can see that I just started using the app and have only taken two 5-minute surveys, but I have already earned $2.00.

How much can I earn?

Each of the surveys usually pays up to $3, and once you hit $10, you can cash out your balance for Amazon or iTunes gift cards. The missions vary in range, and as you can see, the Target mission is worth $20. Also, take note that QuickThoughts has already paid out over 2.7 million dollars!

How do I get started?

If you’re ready to give it a go, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store. You can also click here to head to their official website. The app also has many user reviews that you can read for yourself, but I’m having a great time using this app. Good luck and please share your experience and any questions below.