Get Paid to Eat Food with Sinclair Customer Metrics – Mystery Shopping

Is mystery shopping actually legit?

Yes, mystery shopping DOES exist. Many of the companies that you patronize have some sort of mystery shopping program in place. These are vital for companies to obtain raw feedback about how to improve their day-to-day operations and to find out if one of their stores or franchisees is not pulling the weight that they are expected to pull in order to satisfy customers like you and I, and to maintain a strong image of customer service and satisfaction. Sinclair Customer Metrics (SCM) is just one of the many companies that offers mystery shopping, and it is LEGIT and very easy to complete. A General Tip for any Mystery Shopping Company: You should never pay to become a mystery shopper for any company at any time. Legitimate mystery shopping is free to the consumer/mystery shopper.

What kind of mystery shops can I complete for Sinclair Customer Metrics?


Sinclair Customer Metrics offers many types of shops, ranging from food to service to retail. Occasionally, there are shops where you act as a representative for a product to a merchant or retailer. I titled this post “get paid to eat” because the majority of their shops deal with food, so if you’d like get paid to eat – something you have to do to survive anyway – Sinclair Customer Metrics is definitely the way to go.

Am I eligible? And how do I sign up?

In order to get started with Sinclair Customer Metrics, you must register a free profile and application. Once you complete your profile, you will have to accept terms, an agreement and take both a new shopper survey and new shopper challenge. Neither the survey or the challenge are very hard, so just take your time when completing everything and be honest because they appreciate people of different demographic profiles.

How do I receive/schedule shopping opportunities?

Once your profile is complete, you will have to complete a short briefing and then a quick qualification test for each merchant/retailer for which you want to mystery shop. This typically takes about 10 minutes for each type of shop that you want to complete.

Once you have complete the briefing and training, scheduling is very flexible and easy to do. All that you have to do is navigate to online scheduling and select the date that you would like to perform your mystery shop. You can opt-in to emails in order to be emailed of new opportunities daily, and Sinclair Customer Metrics always has an abundant amount of opportunities available. If you’d prefer, shops can be scheduled over the phone or via text if that is more convenient for you.

How hard is it to complete the form and provide feedback?

Providing feedback is very straightforward – it is very similar to any customer satisfaction survey that you may have completed in order to receive a coupon or a sweepstakes entry on the back of a restaurant receipt. It takes no more than five-ten minutes to submit your feedback. Don’t forget – you get paid for the shop that you complete AND you get full reimbursement so you never spend a dime of your own money.

How much does it pay?

Since mystery shoppers with Sinclair Customer Metrics are independent contractors, you are not a regular employee and you will only get paid for the assignments that you complete (similar to freelancing) unlike a regular employee who would receive a salary. With that being said, I have earned anywhere between $10-$20

All of the shops that Sinclair Customer Metrics offers reimburse you for any purchases and pay a compensation fee which ranges depending on the shop and its company. Some shops even pay increased compensation rates or bonuses on occasion under certain circumstances such as when a deadline is approaching. Sinclair Customer Metrics pays by check by mail only, so this can be a positive or negative depending on whether or not you like PayPal or other electronic payment/transfer methods.

My Experience

My experience with Sinclair Customer Metrics has been excellent. If you’d like, they can call you to offer other opportunities in an area that may be of interest based on the types of shops you have completed for them in the past. When submitting shops, you must make sure to follow all the directions. While the directions have always been clear, you’ll just want to make sure that you don’t leave anything out because that can delay payment (although I have personally never had my payment delayed, this is just a heads up). The only downside that I have found is that the pay schedule is kind of lengthy, and I personally prefer to be paid electronically. But I can tell you that it feels very great to get an unexpected check in the mail. and to be able to deposit the extra money into my account.

Sinclair Customer Metrics is an excellent mystery shopping company, and there is great earning potential, especially if you like to eat. Sinclair Customer Metrics also has an A+ rating with the BBB. This is a great gig for college students because we all have to pay for things like food, so getting paid to do something that we would do anyway is a perfect opportunity. Find out more about Sinclair Customer Metricsor create your shopper profile.