Textbook Savings – Spring 2016

Below are some of the ways that you can save big on purchasing textbooks for the upcoming Spring semester. This list will continue to be updated as more savings around discovered.


Boundless – The Textbook Alternative

Boundless offers many textbook alternatives and resources completely FREE!There are a wide range of subjects available such as accounting, calculus, economics, biology and chemistry. You can easily check if a boundless alternative is available for your official class-assigned textbook by searching its title, author or ISBN  – check it out here

Boundless textbooks are designed to read just as textbooks do but in an easier and more concise manner. They are easily accessible on both the web and on mobile devices and have note-taking functionality. Helpful flashcards and quizzes accompany each section to help reinforce what was just learned. 

Find the Best Prices

These two websites will search numerous websites to find you the cheapest textbooks available. You will be shown the prices for buying and renting new or used textbooks. These tools are very valuable in finding the best deals.

You can find coupons for many different textbook sites such as Chegg, CengageBrain, Half and Amazon on RetailMeNot. If you’re subscribed to Chegg newsletters, they often send out coupons for their textbook service as well.

Know of a discount code or other way to save money on textbooks this Spring? Leave a comment below!