The Perks of Your Birthday


I recently found out that there are a lot of perks during the month of your birthday – A LOT. This post will definitely be worth your time if you are looking to take advantage of all of the free food and more that you can experience during the entire month of your birthday.

First, I’d like to start by saying that I am going to give you a reason to stay subscribed to all of those e-mail newsletters that you find so annoying. The reason is because many of the companies that you those newsletters will also send you special offers for free food, free stuff and discounts just because it’s the month of your birthday.

Sounds good, right?! My birthday is in May, so the following is a list of free stuff that I have already or will be taking advantage of this month, and you can do the same. All that you have to do is subscribe to their newsletter – many also call it a birthday club.




  • Benihana – $30 Dinner Certificate (Free for you but someone with you has to buy a dinner entree as well)
  • New Balance – 10% Off
  • Musicnotes – 20% Off
  • Converse – 20% Off
  • Hot Topic – $5 off 30 or more
  • GameStop – 20% Off a pre-owned game

Other FREE Stuff

  • Macy’s – Free Shipping Certificate

Again, this list is not comprehensive as many websites, stores and companies may not disclose that they will give you free stuff for your birthday if you subscribe to their newsletter – it is kind of like an added bonus and thank you. You can find many more by simply searching the web.

Biggest tip: Most restaurants will give you free dessert on your birthday. Just ask your server or cashier.

If you know of any others that can be added to this list or have anything else to add, please comment below. I hope this helps you enjoy your birthday even more!