Viggle – Earn while you watch TV

This post is about the legacy version of Viggle which no longer exists. 

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 What is Viggle?

Viggle is a free smartphone app that essentially allows you to earn points towards rewards while doing something that almost all of us love to do occasionally if not regularly – WATCHING TV!

 How does it work?

The application is actually very cool and it is probably the easiest television syncing app to use. It is really as simple as the tap of a touch screen. All that you have to do is turn on the TV, open the app, and click on the big V to check in to the show. The app works by listening to the television for a few seconds and matching the audio to whichever shows are currently on at that time. You can only be checked into one show at a time, so you will only receive points for one show at a time.

The app also has a “What’s On” section in order to show what’s on television and any shows that might be offering bonus points on top of points earned from initially checking into/watching the show.
There is also a chatter section where you can chat with other Vigglers currently checked into the same show that you are and there is also a feature that allows you to invite Facebook friends to a private chat session.

Viggle can also be used as a reminder app to remind you to check into television shows before they air.

How do I earn points?

You get one point per minute of television, which makes earning very easy. After successfully checking into a show, you receive points for the duration of the show, and you do not have to check into the show anymore for its duration. Commercials ARE included, so 60 minutes of TV = 60 points (before any bonuses if applicable).


Many shows offer bonus points ranging from 50 to 300+ points just for checking in! Primetime is a “prime time” for bonus points, and these are usually offered for series and season premieres and finales, special episodes, and other things of that nature.


From time to time, the Viggle team offers promotions for checking into a specific number of shows or episodes of a TV series. One of the current promotions are V-Gifts (things like coupons and clothes) which are randomly earned from checking into shows between 7PM and 3AM EST. You can see the other current offers and promotions online here.

Promotions also include watching videos of in-app ads and checking into specific commercials during commercial breaks.

Viggle LIVE

Many movies and new episodes of TV shows offer a trivia-type game called Viggle LIVE through which you can earn points for answering questions about previous episodes, the actors and the series in general. The questions are usually not very hard, and there are only three answer choices for each question. If you get the answer correct, you will get 10 points, but if you get the question wrong, you will earn 1 point for your efforts. New questions arrive in 2-3 minute segments and you have about 40 seconds to answer a question. The percentage of each answer selected is also shown with the correct answer. Many games have 15 to 25 questions, which is the potential to earn 150-250 extra points.

In-App Extras

There are also sections known as apps for specific TV shows. Some of the most popular “in-app apps” offer exclusive  TV network contests, offers and coupon codes so if you are planning on purchasing something from a network store website, navigate to a show on the network in the Viggle app first and you might find a valuable coupon code!

Another popular extra are games. For example, MyGuy Sports allows you to play against 10 other people for the chance at up to 1,000 bonus points by selecting a player in a professional basketball or football game to perform well in the game. You can learn more here.

In-App Purchases

In addition to the above, points can also be earned VERY QUICKLY by making purchases for various items through the app via TrialPay. In the past, I have personally made purchases to increase my points quickly especially around the holidays. It has come in handy because I have been able to earn around 8,000-12,000 points for each purchase that I would have otherwise made on gifts and other things anyway. Currently, you can get 20,000 points just for purchasing makeup from Sephora. You can also add offers to your card, which does not charge anything to you card but allows you to earn points when you make purchases over a certain amount using the same card.

What devices is the app available on?

The app is available on the Apple iPhone, iPad Mini and iPad from the App Store and on Android devices from Google Play.

What are the rewards?

There are tons of great rewards. At the moment, the highest priced prize is 4 or 5 night cruise valued at 4 million points, but there are prizes in all ranges. Kindle, BOSE and iLive products currently lie in the range of 175,000 t0 560,000 points, discounts and deals for things like travel, dining and entertainment range from 3,000 to 7,500, and Viggle merchandise is in the range of 25,000 to 80,000 points. Gift cards for $5-$25 to popular stores such as Best Buy, Foot Locker and jcpenney lie in the range of 10,000 to 62,500 points, and entertainment such as Spotify Premium, Hulu Plus and Entertainment Weekly are in the range of 8,000 to 20,000 points. There are also sweepstakes periodically that are not very expensive (at the time of this posting, entries for the current Apple TV sweepstakes are only 100 points each).

Where do I go from here to download the app and learn more about Viggle?

You can download and learn more about Viggle at the official Viggle website here.

The Verdict & Earning Potential

In my honest opinion, this is a great app. I began using it a years ago sometime during the spring semester of my freshman year, and I currently have a few hundred thousand points. I am trying to save for the big prizes, but I have also been able to purchase many small prizes such as discount codes for! I will say that I honestly have earned a great amount of my points through in-app purchases, and I have probably spent around 50,000 points so far, all towards either sweepstakes, coupon codes and other money-saving deals. I have also earned a few free V-Gifts (discussed earlier) too.

There is great potential to earn excellent rewards which are of great use to college students. The top three that come to mind are coupon codes, money-saving deals, and gift cards for purchases that we often must make in college anyway.

Almost everyday, Viggle offers bonuses for TV shows, movies and other big televised events, and believe me when I say you can earn BIG points very quickly! They have interactive games that you can participate in during sporting events such as Viggle Football where you can earn points for guessing things such as number of points scored or the winning team.

Many of us watch TV and there is no harm in earning points toward great rewards while doing so. In a way, it gives you a great excuse to watch TV! It takes the same amount of time to check into a show on Viggle as it does to change to a different channel. It is not an app that will drain battery either. The Verdict: Worthy of your time and effort – Become a Viggler today.


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